Three Reasons Why You Should Wear Sunglasses In Winter

Everybody wears sunglasses in summer. After all, that is why they are sunglasses and not snowglasses, right? Yet, you should be wearing your sunglasses in winter as well! Here are some important reasons why. The Glare off of the Snow If you have ever stepped outside on even a partly sunny winter’s day, your eyeballs are blasted with dazzling light. It is not just the whiteness of the snow. It is the sun bouncing off of trillions of frozen water crystals.

A Visit To The Optometrist

Visiting an optometrist is a very good idea if you have never visited an eye doctor, or if you have been experiencing pain, discomfort, or change in your eyesight. An optometrist is a doctor that specializes in eyes, and is able to diagnose and treat many ailments that involve the eyes. While it is a very good idea to go to an optometrist, if you have never been, it can be a little bit nerve racking.