A Visit To The Optometrist

Visiting an optometrist is a very good idea if you have never visited an eye doctor, or if you have been experiencing pain, discomfort, or change in your eyesight. An optometrist is a doctor that specializes in eyes, and is able to diagnose and treat many ailments that involve the eyes. While it is a very good idea to go to an optometrist, if you have never been, it can be a little bit nerve racking. Knowing what to expect can ease your mind a little. Here are a few things that often happen during a visit to the optometrist.

Snellen Chart

One of the first things that an optometrist likes to do is gain a broad understanding of how your sight is. They are going to have you read off of the Snellen Chart. This is the famous chart that has larger letters at the top followed by smaller letters going down. The optometrist will have you read the chart at different distances, and the doctor is most likely going to have you read the letters with both eyes open, but with each eye specifically as well. This is going to allow the optometrist to understand what your sight is truly like. 

Eye Movement

The doctor is going to want to test the muscles in your eye, and make sure that your eyes are able to function properly. The doctor is going to use a light and have you follow the light  back and forth. This is a simple process, but if your eye muscles are not functioning properly then your eye will not be able to follow the light. The optometrist may also test your eye coordination and have you notify him or her when the light is exactly over a specific spot on the wall. 


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a optometrist visit is the anatomy exam. The doctor is going to look at all the different parts of your eye to ensure that your eye is in good condition. If your eye has anatomy problems, there is a very good chance that your vision is being affected. Some of the most common problems are eye pressure. This can be a consequence of your eye not being able to drain properly or pressure from the blood vessels in your eye. In any situation the optometrist is going to be able to tell if your eyes are healthy.